Custhome Identity

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when hear custom home?

Custhome is a new firm that plans and builds custom structures to be used primarily as a home or not-for-profit business. The Custhome identity intelligently communicates credibility, history, craftsmanship, say-so, and references in all it’s collateral and touch points. Since Custhome is an unfamiliar firm, the history and references are communicated throughout mediums using typography, messaging, color, and illustration. 

When customers envision a custom home, they imagine architectural drawings and a company with a proven history of providing unparalleled artistry. Custhome communicates to their customers their trustworthiness and craft meaningfully through strategically applying visual indicators throughout the brand.

Custhome is an excellent example of a developed brand identity that employs the communicative power of layout, typography, consistent messaging, and expressive image creation. Custhome’s thorough understanding of their demographic allows for content that speaks to the hearts of their clients.

"Simplicity, Wit, and Good Typography."

"Simplicity, Wit, and Good Typography."

The Custhome logo elegantly communicates the concepts of the brand’s visual language, the brand name, and the brand objective. The structure is inspired by architectural layout and the modularity. The “CH” of the logo highlights the uniqueness of the brand name.

Classic  + Modern = Contemporary

Classic + Modern = Contemporary

Custhome biggest challenge is creating a new identity that communicates expertise and history while still being a new company. The creative imagery and classic typography creates the perfect juxtaposition of appreciation of the past and forward-thinking into the future.

A Man's Home Is His Castle

A Man's Home Is His Castle

Each client’s image of his or her desired custom home is different. Custhome uses architectural drawings for imagery, instead of photography, to allow the customer the power to envision a custom home the way they desire.

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